Al Yasmina Swimmer On Path To Greatness

By Iman Wasily, Al Bateen Academy

Adam Bibars is Al Yasmina’s most successful swimmer and a top level student, where nothing stands in his way when it comes to him swimming to victory.

Adam is only 15 years old but he has already achieved more than he has ever imagined. Adam took his country to victory in 2015 in the National Egypt Swimming competition, coming in with four gold medals and beating his given record.

Adam trains hard to keep his eyes on the prize during his annual competitions in his school, Al Yasmina.

A typical day for Adam includes going to school, then coming back to study and then he goes to train for about two hours on six to seven kilometre swims, including all types of strokes to enhance his abilities. Inn addition he makes sure to stretch his body every day and sometimes work out, to keep his figure in shape and flexible.

Of course with such a heavy, high energetic day for Adam, he needs to stay healthy and fit, and that also goes for his food intake. Adam has a well-balanced food plan, which includes all nutrients and vitamins needed for his body, but obviously still eating the foods that he enjoys but in reasonable portions.


He makes sure to always stay hydrated at all times but most importantly, Adam likes to take some time during the day to himself just to relax and gather his thoughts, which I think is very important for every student because this helps us to stay calm and not always feel under pressure with what is going on.

Adam has big hopes and dreams for becoming a sport psychologist in the future and hopefully as his career path, and for this, he is currently taking in his GCSE’s: psychology, business, PE and triple science.

This is a huge ambition and a lot of hard work, however Adam has proved that anything is possible when “you love what you do”, as he stated, and this indeed has been proven to us because Adam is a high achieving top level student.

He is very organised and manages to plan his work neatly to work around his busy training and school schedule. He likes to keep his Saturdays for catching up on his work and studies, and he prefers to write down notes and create flash cards to make studying and memorising information and key terms for his exams easier.

Al Yasmina Academy is very proud of their student, Adam, and they support his goals and dreams along his journey and they are sure of his capable abilities that will take him far, and as Adam hopes to the National Swimming Olympics.

  • This article was contributed by Al Bateen Academy student Iman Wasily and completed as part of GYS’ free sports journalism course. The course allows students to gain experience in sports writing and commentary, complete with feedback from the GYS media team. To find out more about the course click here.