VEO | Automatically Record Your Match

Focus on the live match in front of you, but still benefit from a polished recording of the game afterwards with a Veo camera. The camera needs no operator and automatically follows the ball so you can relive every superb goal or blistering play.

Use the footage for a highlights package or do some strategic analysis by uploading it to tactical software like Coach Logic.

Furthermore in the current times of COVID-19 crowd restrictions, the footage can be shared with friends, family and fans who can’t be at the match.

  • Exclusively for the GYS sports community, buyers that enquire through GYS will receive a €100 discount on the purchase price. To receive €100 off your camera, enquire below and a representative will be in touch.


The whole playing field is captured by the 180° rotation of the Veo camera. It focuses on the current passage of play for a refined video to enjoy afterwards, but films the entirety of the pitch or court so you can zoom out and see how your formation was off the ball.

As long as there are two ends Veo can film most sports whether they be indoor or outdoor and works in all conditions.

The sports Veo is suited perfectly for include: football; basketball; rugby; volleyball; lacrosse; hockey and handball, among many others.


The standard of the Veo camera is unrivalled, meaning quality isn’t compromised solely because there’s no one behind the tripod.

It has 180° rotation with two 4K lenses recording with 30 frames per second. The camera itself can store more than four hours recording and every Veo subscription has the perk of unlimited storage on its platform.

The camera follows the ball to produce a brilliant broadcast video, but tactical, panoramic and interactive views are also available to be viewed.

Goals are automatically signposted and you can draw on the screen, tag players involved in highlights and make comments as well.

View all the facts about the Veo platform here.