Barakat Strengthens Commitment to Grassroots Sports by Sponsoring DASSA

Barakat, the UAE’s leading provider of fresh produce, juices, and smoothies, proudly announces its sponsorship of the UAE’s biggest school sports association, DASSA. This collaboration marks a significant stride in Barakat’s dedication to fostering sports development and nurturing young talents in the region.

With over 40,000 students participating in its leagues and events each week, DASSA has been a cornerstone of Dubai’s grassroots sports community for decades. Through its comprehensive sports programs and competitions, DASSA has been instrumental in offering Dubai’s school students the opportunity to engage in competitive sport, instilling values of teamwork, discipline, and perseverance among students.

Barakat’s decision to sponsor DASSA reflects its unwavering support for initiatives that empower youth and promote a healthy lifestyle. By partnering with DASSA, Barakat aims to contribute to the growth of school sports and provide students with opportunities to excel in their athletic endeavours.

“At Barakat, we’re passionate about providing fresh, healthy options for everyone, and that includes the future generation,” said Kartik Dayal, Marketing Manager at Barakat. “That’s why we’re proud to partner with DASSA, to empower young athletes to make healthy choices.”

“As kids face a market saturated with sugary and unhealthy drinks, we believe it’s crucial to offer them alternatives that fuel their bodies and minds. Barakat juices are made with 100% real fruit, packed with essential vitamins and minerals, and absolutely free from preservatives and artificial flavours.”

“By supporting DASSA, we’re investing in the well-being of young athletes. We want to equip them with the knowledge and resources to make informed choices about their health and set them on the path to a healthier, happier lifestyle.”

As part of the sponsorship agreement, Barakat will provide both in-event and financial support to DASSA, enabling the organisation to expand its programs and enhance the overall experience for student-athletes. Additionally, Barakat will collaborate with DASSA on various initiatives aimed at promoting sports participation and encouraging active lifestyles among youth.

“We are grateful for Barakat’s generous support, which will enable us to further our mission of promoting sports excellence and providing enriching experiences for students across Dubai,” said Andy Jones, DASSA’s Secondary Chair. “This partnership represents a significant milestone for DASSA, and we look forward to working closely with Barakat to empower the next generation of athletes.”

Barakat’s sponsorship of DASSA underscores its ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility and community engagement. By investing in initiatives that promote youth development and well-being, Barakat continues to make a positive impact on society and contribute to the growth and prosperity of the communities it serves.

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