Repton School Dubai Get Ready to Visit Scotland

Repton School Dubai are gearing up for a return to international sports travel as their rugby and netball squads get set to visit Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh later this month.

With international travel and competitive school sports limited over the last couple of years due to Covid-19 restrictions, Repton students and staff are looking forward to a real return to normality as over 60 students prepare for tour.

During their time in Edinburgh, Repton will visit some iconic venues including Murrayfield Stadium, Scotland’s Sports Performance Centre at Oriam and the University of St Andrews – the third oldest university in the English-speaking world behind only Oxford and Cambridge.

Mr Brooks, Director of Sport at Repton Dubai, has travelled to the UK with the school on a number of occasions and he was present on the school’s last rugby tour to Edinburgh which took place in September 2019.

He is very much looking forward to providing students with another memorable experience this year:

“I am thrilled to see overseas trips return this academic year. This is a perfect opportunity for players to bond, gel and buy into the culture we are trying to create here at Repton Dubai.

“The uptake and interest in sport since the pandemic has been phenomenal and it is great to be able to take away 60 pupils to Scotland to start our seasons in a positive manner. It gives the coaches and players time to adapt, learn and grow as a team and prepares the teams for the upcoming DASSA season, tournaments and competitions.

“One of the best things about touring is the lasting memories. We still have 29 pupils at Repton still talking about the “Scotland Tour 2019”. That tour was a huge trigger in building rugby at Repton. Having netball join this for trip demonstrates how serious we want to take our core sports, alongside a football tour to Madrid in April.

“I am sure this tour will be a huge success; I would like to thank Mr Ives and Miss Foulds for all their hardwork behind the scenes and of course Transworld for their support in making this happen.”

Head of Rugby, Mr Ives, believes the tour will allow his players to really commit themselves to their roles for the upcoming season, with some key themes running through everything they plan to do whilst in Edinburgh.

“The rugby tour to Scotland in my mind is truly the relaunch of sport and in particular rugby after the pandemic. This time last year we were still unsure when training would be allowed to start and awaiting confirmation on if school fixtures will be scheduled.

“Fast forward 12 months and we are finally able to get ourselves onto this very important ‘annual’ pre- season trip. The trip itself is based on three fundamentals that ripple through our Reptonian DNA – Hardwork, Hardship and Togetherness. Each day will consist of three sessions: 1 – Conditioning, 2 – Field & skills and 3 – Team building. With these three pillars building our days’ itinerary we are sure to be upskilling every individual, building confidence through hardship and bringing a further bond between teammates.

“We are expecting this tour to be a huge springboard for us to launch our 2022-2023 season where we have very real aspirations of knocking on the door of the top order of schools in the region. Pupils and staff are immensely excited for this season.”

Head of Netball, Miss Foulds, is looking forward to visiting the Scottish capital where the girls will play a series of challenge matches alongside coaching sessions to kickstart the new academic year.

“A little over 12 months ago, the Key Stage 3 Netball Programme launched at Repton School Dubai, which involved students attending training sessions to enhance their progression within netball. The tour signifies the end of the first year for these girls before the programme begins again.

“My hope is that the tour will be an opportunity to realise the individual improvements they each have made in this sport; competing against elite schools in Edinburgh. They will receive guidance from elite netballers playing in the Vitality Netball Superleague where they will receive training sessions and have an opportunity to ask questions to excite them in their own path to success.

“Alongside the games and training sessions, the players will have time to observe the University of Edinburgh team getting a first class understanding of how to analyse match play. The trip is a fantastic way to prepare the girls for the upcoming leagues and build enthusiasm for the 2022-23 netball season.”

Repton Dubai are travelling with Twedex, who are specialists in school sports travel with over 10 years’ experience in the industry. You can stay up to date with the rugby and netball tour on the Twedex and Gulf Youth Sport social media channels when they embark on their tour at the end of the month.