Dubai Sports World Hosts DASSA Basketball Event

DASSA schools were taking full advantage of the fantastic facilities at Dubai Sports World this summer, with more than 200 primary students taking part in a development tournament on the indoor courts.

On Monday 27 June, students in Years 3 and 4 from Hartland, JESS Ranches, Jebel Ali and SWISS International participated in a friendly round-robin tournament, giving several students the opportunity to represent their school for the first time.

With friendly games for both boys and girls, the students absolutely relished the chance to enjoy a competitive environment for the first time.

DASSA Vice Chair Niall Statham said: “It’s brilliant to see schools working hard to be inclusive and offer opportunities for as many students as possible to participate. Everyone starts their sporting journey at a different point, so it’s important as a community that we build in as many chances of possible for them to enjoy playing sport in a supportive environment.”

A big congratulations to all students who represented their school in sport this year.

The full gallery of images from the event at Dubai Sports World can be viewed by clicking here.