Dubai Schools to Take Part in 24 Hour Triathlons

Two schools are taking on 24 hour triathlons as part of the Dubai Fitness Challenge which has been taking place across the city over the course of the last three weeks and comes to a close at the end of the month.

Dubai College and Hartland International School will put their communities through their paces as they both aim to complete 24 hours of activity inspired by Dubai’s recent city-wide fitness push.

Dubai College kicked things off this morning as students, staff and parents began to take on eight hours of swimming followed by cycling and running in an epic show of determination and stamina.

As well as the 24 hour triathlon, which is being completed on the school’s campus, teacher Mr Wood is also completing an indoor Ironman comprising of a 3.8km swim, 180km indoor cycle and 42km treadmill.

To stay up to date with how Dubai College get on for the rest of their 24 hours, stay tuned to our social media channels where we’ll be sharing their progress.

Over at Hartland International School a mammoth fitness challenge is nothing new for those taking part. Students and their families participated in a 48 hour triathlon before Covid-19 rocked schools across the world so they will be looking forward to their event, which kicks off on Wednesday 24th November, with some confidence.

Hartland parents Sally and Luke Kirwan took part last time and they are looking forward to seeing what the upcoming 24 hour triathlon has in store for the school community as the Dubai Fitness Challenge comes to a conclusion.

“The 24 hour rowing challenge was a mammoth effort that needed all hands on deck. For us it was a great opportunity to get involved, give back to the school and support our community (and nothing quite cements a bond like a 4am rowing session). We can’t wait to see the next challenge!”

With schools forced to be apart for long periods over the last 12 months, a whole school event like the upcoming 24 hour triathlon gives everyone the chance to come together and work hard for eachother with a shared goal.

Sally continued: “It’s easy to talk about inclusion and community but the 24 hour rowing challenge really embodied these principles, so for us getting involved was an easy parenting win. What wasn’t expected was how much it cemented the concept of ‘Team Hartland’ for us as a family. We genuinely can’t wait to see what we get ourselves into this year!”

Everyone at Gulf Youth Sport wishes all involved at Dubai College and Hartland International School the very best of luck in their respective 24 hour triathlon challenges.