Top Performer Tilly Mann

Tilly Mann took on the DASSA Netball Challenge by herself, and the Dubai English Speaking College student showed why she feels at home wearing the GS bib.

The year 9 student shot 20 goals in a minute and we caught up with here to hear about her netball journey so far.

A great effort in the DASSA Netball Challenge? How did you feel about your own performance?
I really enjoyed participating in the challenge, and I was pleased with my result.
Can you tell me a little bit about your netball background? 

I started playing Netball when I was seven years old at my primary school DESS and for a team known as the Power Girls which my mum put together to play in the RuActive Netball league. It was a lot of fun and a good way to socialise with my friends. Since then, I have represented DESC Netball team,  Dubai Netball Academy who I play for currently, and RuActive Elite Squad. My favourite position is GA as I really enjoying attacking and having a lot of freedom on the court as well as shooting goals.

What do you enjoy most about taking to the netball court? 

The physical challenge and having fun with my teammates.

Netball is a great sport and I appreciate all the netball opportunities that I have had to participate through school and the Dubai community. I have great coaches that are really encouraging, and I am sure that netball will be my lifelong sport and hopefully I will be a coach soon to help young players starting out in the sport.