United FC YFL’s Virtual Champions

When a click is the equivalent of a goal.

Youth Football League Dubai used the tried and tested World Cup method to crown a virtual winner in the Dubai Virtual Academies Cup.

Academy members threw support behind their team by voting in virtual clashes that appeared in YFL’s Instagram story. Beginning with a round of 32, the competition progressed to a final befitting any major competition.¬†United FC were crowned champions, a huge achievement given YFL co-founder Anthony Stonehouse said more than 40,000 votes were received.

“Throughout the competition we had more than 40,000 votes which is a testament to how well academies are supported within the region,” he said.

“Essentially it was an opportunity to bring some competitive fun and focus to the sporting sector as a result of the DSC postponing all live events until further notice. We had 32 academies take part throughout the week ending with a final which comprised of Gulf United versus United FC. The final was very exciting and United FC ended up winning by only 7 votes.”