JESS Student’s Breathtaking Effort

Imagine running six marathons (42km each) over six consecutive days in the Sahara Desert!

Well this is exactly  what Year 12 JESS sixth form student Yernur from Kazakhstan will be doing in approximately two months from now with his dad.

The Marathon Des Sables (Sahara Marathon) is a six day 251km ultramarathon in the Sahara Desert in southern Morocco which has been regarded as the toughest foot race on Earth.

Yernur started his fitness journey when he turned 18 setting himself goals and challenges to push himself further. He wanted to prove “if you work hard, you’re deemed for success”.

“At the beginning, I hated it. Running for me was like torture,” explained Yernur.

After two months, he started to love it and now trains five days a week running 12-15kms plus strength and conditioning.

Yernur is currently immersed in training with his Dad for Marathon des Sables and will become the youngest participant ever from Kazakhstan.

-Via JESS Dubai