Inspiring ‘Little People With Big Dreams’

During this year’s Dubai Fitness Challenge Claire Feyling ran 20km for the first time. She enjoyed the experience so much, she did it all again the next week.

Feyling, a primary school teacher at JESS Arabian Ranches, burned the most calories of any female teacher involved in the GYS 30X30 Challenge. She explained that the premise behind the Movement Wins tracker–doing an amount of purposeful exercise that fits one’s individual lifestyle–helped her build consistency.

“I’ve always enjoyed exercise and now as a mum of two, I’ve found my training has been built around peaks of overdoing things and spells of ‘just no time,’ she said.

“Since becoming part of the Movement Wins’ training community during Covid lockdown, I was introduced to the notion that every workout counts and that accountability was key to turn my exercise into a daily habit.

“Taking part in the GYS 30×30 school challenge provided a platform for me to share my fitness journey and hopefully inspired the young children I work with. I’ve been supported and motivated by both the staff and parent community at JESS. 

“I’m a naturally competitive person, and this year during the Covid pandemic, it’s been a time to focus on challenging my individual goals. I’ve learned a valuable lesson and experienced a light bulb moment shining a spotlight on who I am ultimately doing it for. ⁣

“I feel strongly that setting personal goals can be incorporated into much of my every day life. Both at home and in the classroom, I have an audience of little people with big dreams. I hope that my positive attitude can inspire them to drive forwards and achieve things they didn’t know they were capable of.

“I am going to run a half marathon in 2021. This is something I never thought was possible, but watch me go run the full marathon!”