Mac Lean-ing Up The GYS 30X30 Challenge

Hiking with her dogs is one way Maria Mac Lean became the highest performing female parent in the GYS 30X30 Challenge.

“I love hiking, so whenever I get a chance I do that with the whole family, dogs included! There are such a beautiful nature spots to hike in the UAE,” Mac Lean said.

“I do two to three strength training classes per week. I try to run two times a week (5k at the moment, building up to 10k). I do an hour’s worth cycling and at least one longer (five to seven km) brisk walk per week.”

The Dubai English Speaking College parent said she enjoys the friendly challenge of competing with her family.

“Exercise is a great start for the day, it clears my mind and sets me right for the rest of the day. I love it when I can see results like I can lift heavier weights or keep up with my husband or 11 year-old son on a five km run!” she said.

It’s that¬†competitive drive along with motivation from the Movement Wins tracker that helped Mac Lean take top spot in GYS’ Dubai Fitness Challenge competition.

“It’s a great motivator and the weather is just perfect in November to get everyone moving! I also love the challenge and healthy competition that Dubai Fitness Challenge brings (especially this year’s GYS 30×30 fitness challenge). It has left me motivated and wanting to continue my fitness journey,” she said.