Safa School’s Sporting Sisters

Sporting sisters Shouq and Nouf both took on the GYS 30X30 Challenge with gusto, encouraging each other along the way.

Shouq claimed top spot in the female student category, and Nouf wasn’t far behind. Their incredible efforts across the month also helped Safa Community School to a third place overall finish in the schools category.

Both sisters used the challenge to continue to build on an already strong strong fitness base highlighted by Shouq UAE representation at the Spartan World Championships in California last December.

GYS chatted to the pair about their efforts in the Dubai 30X30 Fitness Challenge.

Shouq how did you feel when you found out you won the challenge?

I was surprised and excited, I’ve never won a challenge before.

How did you find the Dubai Fitness Challenge this year and what activities did you do? 

We found it very fun this year and especially liked doing the challenges and activities at the fitness village in Kite Beach.
We also took part in the weekly races around Dubai with our family and Team OCR Nation.
Do you both compete in sports together and motivate each other?
Yes we compete in sports together and motivated my dad and brothers to join in races too.
What sports/activities do you normally compete in?
We love to compete in Spartan/Obstacle Course Races, cross country and road races.
What do you like most about exercising?
It keeps you fit and healthy.