UAE Swimming Community Performance Competition On This Weekend

Swimmers can end the month with a bang! Apex Sports Academy will hold the first UAE Swimming Community Performance Competition on October 30th and 31st, 2020 at Hamdan Sports Complex.

The safety protocols that will be followed during competition are outlined in the video and text below: 

1. A face shield and mask is compulsory for all the coaches, volunteers, referees, supporting staff and any other person involved and will not be allowed in the complex without it.

2. Each club will have a designated seating area where you must sit.

3. There will be no use of the changing rooms. Please inform your swimmers to arrive in their race suits if they wish to do so.

4. While walking around the complex, swimmers must walk individually at all times and be wearing their mask.

5. Please remind your swimmers to wear their masks at all times and not to change seats.

6. Please make sure your swimmers know which race, heat and lane they are in.

7. During the warm-up, please remind your swimmers to keep their distance from the other swimmers and clear the pool immediately upon hearing the whistle.

8. Coaches are not allowed on poolside during the races, please watch your swimmer from the seating area. Coaches are allowed on poolside during the warm up.

9. There will be no call room, swimmers will line up in their heats by the poolside.

10. When waiting for their race to start, swimmers must only remove their mask once they hear the first set of whistles from the referee, not before.

11. We will be doing ‘fly-over’ starts, please ensure your swimmers leave the pool as soon as the next race has started, using the nearest side, as quickly as possible.

12. Swimmers boxes containing their belongings will be moved towards the exit while they are racing to ensure they do not meet with the following heat. Please make sure your swimmer replaces their mask, collects their belongings and leaves immediately.

13. Our volunteers will have hand sanitisers, please ask your swimmers to make use of this at every chance they get.

14. We are all responsible to adhere to the above.