Jobs in Sport | Physiotherapist

Johnathan Jagger is a senior physiotherapist at RU Active Sports Physiotherapy in Dubai. Joining the dots after enjoying both PE and biology at school, Jagger said a career in physiotherapy seemed natural.

“I don’t think there was any eye opening moment for myself. I know a lot of people have that moment where they think this is the job for them. I’ve always been into sports, I’ve always been really sporty as a youngster and I just felt that was something I wanted to do from a job point of view,” he said.

“So when I was at school looking at my options I really enjoyed PE, I was very good at biology and that kind of led me to do something from a medical point of view and being a physio just seemed to fit that. I’ve had physiotherapy as a child as well with ankle injuries and knee injuries playing football.”

But it was also experience gained from a part-time job during school that gave Jagger another insight into where he’d like to head.

“At 16 I was a lifeguard and I really enjoyed working with people, interacting with people and that communication side of things. Again I felt like I wanted to do that from a job base so physiotherapy just ticked the boxes,” he said.

Along with the challenges of facing different injuries every day, Jagger said helping people find a way to play sport through physical impairments or after injuries is what makes the job satisfying.

“Looking at the job it’s really good, there’s something new everything day, something different, so it just seemed like a career where I wouldn’t be sat behind a desk all day which a lot of jobs now days entail,” he said.

“It means I can help people every day and change the way they look at getting back into sport and really not be afraid of doing exercise which I think is really a crucial thing for anyone that’s coming back from injuries.”