Surridge Sport Solving Kit Headaches for UAE Schools

Supreme quality sports kit that takes away the pressure of ordering and organising from schools is the dream of PE teachers in the UAE. Surridge Sport has solved all these problems, leaving PE teachers more time to focus on students rather than administration.

A web shop for UAE schools has been an excellent addition for a respected company which has been providing top schools and clubs in the UK with durable kit for more than 150 years. Schools in the Middle East are now benefitting from this know-how, as well as the innovation behind the clothing and its ordering process.

The web shop has solved the headache of ordering for PE teachers, allowing parents to go direct to the site and place their order.

Jumeirah College and Brighton College are already benefiting from this set up with an easy interface for parents and students to see the type and size of each garment.

Schools that utilise the web shop model receive free kit for their PE teaching staff, adding further value to an already affordable kit.

With a simple, user friendly way to order online, there is no interminable wait for new sports wear to arrive. Instead the speed of turnaround is unexpectedly quick.

The bespoke kit is delivered promptly, allowing students and PE staff to perform at their peak by being dressed in the right gear.