DSC’s Virtual Female Sports Tournament Taking Registrations

Dubai Sports Council is calling all girls to participate in the International Women’s Online Tournament where teams from the UAE and beyond will compete in skill based competitions.

Football, basketball, volleyball and handball will all be contested, but not in the traditional format we know. Instead, competitors will be showing off their individual skills through different drills giving this tournament a unique atmosphere.

For example, in football competitors will get points based on their juggling, dribbling, long-passing, short-passing and goal-scoring skills.

Organised with Jam Sports Academy, the exciting tournament is open to all females aged 12 and over and will take place on Friday August 21 between 6-9pm. UAE teams will compete at Dubai Sports World with everyone else joining in on Zoom.

Semi-finals await those that succeed on Friday meaning there is plenty to play for! Eight teams, each with five players, will take part in each of the four sports with a player being allowed to take part in only one drill. The eight teams will be divided into two pools of four each, and the top placed team will qualify for the semi-finals.

Anyone of any nationality can participate so have a go and see how you fare against the rest of the world. Register here to take part.

Here’s some further information on what each challenge will entail:

Basketball: Five drills – right-hand layups; left-hand layups; free throws; dribbling from the baseline to the half-court; dribbling from the baseline to the half-court with crossover.

Volleyball: Five drills – one hand bumping; overhead setting while walking; bumping while walking; overhead setting on the wall; spike, receive

and set on the wall.

Football: Five drills – juggling; dribbling; long-passing; short-passing; goal-scoring skills.

Handball: Five drills – penalty shots; dribbling around the body; triangle defence; zig zag dribbling; passes against the wall.