Wonderkid Wednesday| Harriet Running Through Lockdown

Not even contracting COVID-19 could stop Harriet Osgerby. The British School Al Khubairat student kept exercising despite mild symptoms and is the fittest she has ever been, using time in lockdown to extend her training.
Harriet,12, and her mum Joanne chatted to GYS about broken bones, COVID and a move from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. 

Despite time off from broken bones and moving cities, Harriet continues to be a main stay at Ultimate Athletics. One of her proudest feats is her U11 Ultimate record, running 150m in 20.2 seconds.

She has amped up her running during lockdown and is a member of the new Abu Dhabi running club. That falls alongside covering kilometre after kilometre on the bike as well as loving rugby.

There’s plenty to look forward to for Harriet and her mum Joanne, now that academies have opened up and competitive sport could return in August.