Team Angel Wolf Inspiring All Abilities

What a phenomenal way to provide some positivity and encouragement for everyone at the moment.

On Saturday May 9 Nick and his son Rio–a 17 year old person of determination– will aim to climb the height of the Burj Khalifa on the stairs at their Dubai home.

Nick will strap his son onto his back at 8pm and start the incredible 829.8 metre ascent that is equivalent to the world’s tallest building.

Nick runs Team Angel Wolf, a non-profit organisation that promotes inclusivity and aims to show all abilities that everything is achievable.

To encourage togetherness the public is being urged to get behind the Dubai Sports Council and Dubai Community Authority approved event and Nick said the challenge is extremely adaptable to allow everyone to take part.

Any landmark of any height can be chosen and if climbing stairs isn’t an option, why not walk the equivalent distance? It can be done in one go or in stages at your convenience between the dates May 8th–10th. Or you can do it at the same time as Nick and Rio with their huge effort expected to take three hours.


Share Stories: by using the hashtag #ClimbWithRio and afterwards Team Angel Wolf will will use the photos and videos to make one big collage video to share and inspire others. 

So which towering structure are you going to be taking on?


* Burj Khalifa Dubai, United Arab Emirates 829.8 m (2,722 feet)

* Petronas Twin Towers Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 452 m (1,483 feet)

* The Empire State Building New York, United States of America 443.2 m (1,454 ft)

* Burj Al Arab Dubai, United Arab Emirates 321 m (1,053 ft)

* The Eiffel Tower Paris, France 300 m (984 ft)

* Great Pyramid of Giza Egypt 138.8 m (455 ft)

* Sheikh Zayed Mosque Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Minaret height 107 m (351 ft) Dome height 85 m (279 ft)

* Big Ben London, Great Britain 96 m (315 ft) 

* The Taj Mahal Agra, India 73 m (240 ft)

* Sydney Opera House Australia 65 m (213 ft)

* Leaning Tower of Pisa Italy 55.86 m (183.3 ft)

* The Colosseum Rome, Italy 48 m (157 ft)