Taking Matters Into His Own Hands–Bailey’s Boot Camp

Move over Joe Wicks–Bailey Nixon is in town.

The JESS Jumeirah year five student has put together his own boot camp routines to help keep classmates fit while housebound.

The competitive gymnast and swimmer could feel himself losing fitness so said he decided to take matters into his own hands.

“I thought it would be a good idea because we are staying home in lockdown and we can’t do our usual sports. I also realised I was losing some of my fitness, so I knew my friends would be too. I posted it to my class via my teacher and class Seesaw app,” he said.

“I would like to add more technique next time and make more boot camps for different levels. I’m going to make one for my granny today who is stuck at home in England and doesn’t exercise at all. And maybe next week make one for younger kids that’s a bit easier.”

Wicks might not have too much competition in the end as Nixon said his future goals are not to be a personal trainer but rather to reach the Olympics in either swimming or athletics, or take up a spot as a judge or coach.

It is not easy to to stay fit without the school and academy support network, but Nixon said there is a way to exercise within the restrictions.

“I’m really missing my sports clubs and JESS sport,” he said.

“I even do the beep test on my driveway. So whatever space you have at home,  you can try and stay active because it makes you feel happy once you have finished.”