LaLiga Academy Osasuna Dominates at du Football Champions

This weekend witnessed the final day of group stages in Dubai for the du Football Champions nationwide tournament with the UAE Girls Challenge.

LaLiga Academy Osasuna stamped its authority across the day, racking up a total of 35 goals while not conceding a sole score.

LaLiga Osasuna players hit double figures in all three of their matches qualifying them to go straight into the du Football Champions UAE semi-finals.

The sensational squad is currently holding the title and have put forward a strong case for taking it home again this year.

But out to stop LaLiga Osasuna becoming back-to-back champions will be GEMS Winchester, who showed impressive signs in morning matches on Saturday.

LLFP and Philadelphia Private School topped Group B, booking them a spot in the semi-finals next month.

The girls’ performances impressed LaLiga scouts who were on the lookout to select top talents to join du LaLiga High Performance Centre.