World School Basketball Championship under-17 All-Star Teams

Hoop Mountain coaches and World School Basketball Championship technical directors Julian King and Ryan Yates pinpointed some of the most influential performers at the December tournament. See what made the players stand out below:

To see the under-19 team click here and to view the under-15 side click here.

#1 Ahmet Demirkaya – Dubai International Academy (Most Valuable Player)
School: Dubai International Academy
Jersey: #13
Position: PG
Strengths: -Floor general/team leader
-Excellent at attacking the basket
-Good midrange shooter
-Good playmaker
-Strong/big guard
-Great on ball defender
-Tough as nails

#2 Marco Moral
School: Greenfield International School
Grade: 11
Jersey: #13
Position: PG
Height: 178cm
Strengths: -Strong/tough ball handler/very crafty
-Excellent long range shooter
-Very good at creating space/finishing in traffic
-Hits clutch shots
-Great playmaker
-High basketball IQ
-Plays passing lanes well
Favourite basketball player: Ricky Rubio
Hobbies: Basketball and playing video games

#3 Borislav Gonkov
School: GEMS Wellington
Jersey: #5
Position: PG
Strengths: -Big guard
-Floor general/playmaker
-Great midrange arsenal of offensive moves
-Good on ball defender
-Great rebounding guard

#4 Varun Krisha
School: Our Own Sharjah
Jersey: #2
Position: SG/PG
Strengths: -Shoots it well from 3pt range
-Solid ball handler/Under control
-Good on ball defender
-Good scorer in transition

#5 John Haffar
School: GEMS Wellington
Jersey: #11
Position: SG
Strengths: -Crafty/tough ball handler
-Relentless attacking the basket/has a variety of moves
-Great shooter from midrange/3pt range
-Quick hands on defence

#6 Ranveer Singh
School: Greenfield International School
Grade: 10
Jersey: #14
Position: SF
Height: 185cm
Strengths: -Big/Strong wing
-Good spot up shooter
-Great rebounder
-Never gives up on a play/Always plays hard
Favourite basketball player: Kawhi Leonard
Hobbies: Basketball

#7 Louis Valero
School: RAHA International School
Grade: 10
Jersey: #6
Position: SG/PG
Height: 1733cm
Strengths: -Very good shooter
-Solid ball handler/ makes good decisions
-Hard nosed/tough defender
Favourite basketball player: Josh Christopher of Mayfair HS
Hobbies: Basketball and hanging out with friends

#8 Marco Holfina
School: GEMS Winchester
Jersey: #47
Position: PG/SG
Strengths: -Strong/crafty ball handler /pass first guard
-Finishes well in traffic with either hand
-Very good perimeter defender

#9 Kareem Al-Bendory
School: British School of Kuwait
Jersey: #31
Position: SG/SF
Strengths: -Long/athletic wing
-Attacks the basket/gets to the lane with ease
-Good shooter
-Very good defender using length to disrupt passing lanes

#10 Khrish
School: Dubai International Academy
Jersey: #25
Position: PF/C
Strengths: -Great defensive rebounder
-Good post defender/anchors the defense
-High motor/ Big
-Runs the floor well

#11 Abdelrahmen Shehab
School: British International School Cairo
Jersey: #25
Position: PG/SG
Strengths: -Floor general/Team leader
-High Basketball IQ
-Good ball handler/playmaker
-Good creating shots off the dribble