AIS Skechers Super Six Hits the Mark

Student athletes across Dubai are being encouraged to throw, jump or run in every athletic discipline.

The AIS Skechers Super Six event held last month was Dubai’s first multi-event tournament for kids and 230 students took part in all six events including long jump, discus and sprints.

Excitingly students in the Gulf will even have the opportunity to see how they rank against kids across the world.

With meets being held across the UK, event director Umar Hameed said this opportunity can motivate athletes to improve.

“The idea is a concept we already do within the UK with over 400 schools. It allows young athletes of all abilities to try different events and enjoy athletics without any pressure or expectation,” he said.
“The aim is that we want the kids to eventually be able to compare their scores to other kids in other countries.”
Spurred on by a competitive environment, the format encouraged students to try everything on offer.

“It’s the fundamental grassroots of the sport to do as many events as they can and seeing what they’re good at and what they enjoy,” Hameed said.

“Half the battle is getting over your fear of the event and just enjoying it.

“It’s very important that kids have the opportunity to try different disciplines because at a young age it’s not about finding the next Olympic champion, but in fact teaching kids transferable skills and basic movement patterns.

“(A) pleasing thing was seeing young athletes who don’t participate in athletics usually giving the event a go! We found some diamonds in the rough!”

Hameed is excited about what the new year will bring with a huge amount of ways for athletes to become involved

“The new year is going to be the best yet. We have six more competitions coming,” he said.

This month British sprinter Reece Prescod will be on hand, joining specialist coaches.

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