Summiting to the Top as a Well-Rounded Athlete

Achieving great sporting feats is not all about physical prowess and students found out how to become well-rounded athletes at a talk by fitness coach and author Brian Keane in Dubai.

At the Teenage Mindset and Nutrition Summit at Hotel Fairmont The Palm, Keane shared some tips to help students wanting to head into the fitness industry.

GEMS Wellington Academy had 75 students attend thanks to MEFITpro, and sports development co-ordinator Hannah Carey said students went away from the event with a greater understanding of how to achieve all-round fitness.

“Brian Keane’s talk on mindset and nutrition was awesome for the students to hear,” she said.

“It hopefully helped to open some of the students’ eyes to the importance of focusing on improving their mindset as much as they do their physical attributes.

“And for our SDA (Sports Development Academy) students, who have mindset sessions built into their curriculum, it was good for them to hear the same messages from one of the leading professionals in the industry.”

Carey said there were some basics that students could start implementing immediately.

“The practical tips to drink more water, and start the day right with a breakfast that is going to set you up for the rest of the day is something that the students can implement from tomorrow, along with learning from the bad games and failures!” Carey said.

“(This was in addition to) giving them some useful practical tips about how to get the most out of their body.”

Some of the main take-home messages from Keane included being coachable to allow maximum learning to occur as well as focusing on manageable elements of a situation rather than the uncontrollable.