Fit to Teach: Clare McCabe

This week’s Fit to Teach feature is Clare McCabe; Year 6 Teacher at The British School Al Khubairat.

In an effort that required a lot of discipline and commitment, Clare cycled 1850 km during the month of Ramadan as part of her cycling challenge to raise money for the Red Crescent.

GYS spoke to her to find out more about what inspired her to complete such an impressive feat.

What was the challenge?

“To cycle 50 km each day and 100 km each day at the weekend”

What made you set and take part in such a challenge?

“I set myself the challenge for the 2nd year, however it was 50 km the previous year at the weekend, this year (the target on weekends was) 100 km. (I took part) to raise money during Ramadan – the time of giving for the BSAK school charity, ‘Red Crescent.”

When did you get into cycling? And did you have to train for it?

“Quite a few years ago! I have been into triathlons for a while so, my fitness allowed me to complete this. I cycled 1850 km during this challenge.”

How did you find a balance with work and cycling?

“Cycled each morning at 5 am and had to be home for 7 am, in order to wake up my children and be at work for 8 am.”

Will you be taking part in more challenges?

“Yes, I will hopefully participate in the Abu Dhabi Sports Council/Gulf Multi Sports local events to begin with and take it from there.”

What advice would you give to kids looking to take part in such events?

“Enjoy! Join a group and aim to try your best! Don’t be put off by people that are faster than you – be consistent and good things will happen!”