WSG Announce New Events for Coming Academic Year

The World School Games has announced three new events for the 2019/20 calendar.

As well as the returning Multi-Sport and Netball tournaments (again to be hosted in Dubai and Loughborough, respectively), 2019/20 will see the introduction of standalone Football, Basketball and Swimming championships, all to be held at awe-inspiring venues across the Middle East, the UK and Spain.

These tournaments represent the next step in the evolution of the World School Games, which has experienced rapid growth since its inaugural event, which featured 12 schools, in February 2018.

2018-19 saw two new events and a six-fold increase in entries, with 76 schools competing in total. With the introduction of three further competitions, 2019/20 will see 200+ schools (over 5000 athletes) take to the competition floor in a bid to be crowned World Champions.

Event Director, Andrew Cook, shared his thoughts on the growth of the WSG franchise: “We’re obviously delighted that The World School Games has struck such a chord with the International School Community, and we’re already very excited for the 2019-20 season.”

Commenting on the popularity of the WSG Events, Cook had this to say:

“I think the popularity of the Series can be attributed to a few different elements; firstly, the truly global nature of the events means that students are competing and making friends with peers from every corner of the world. 

“Secondly, the events take place in world class facilities, so the students are quite literally following in the footsteps of their heroes.

“Lastly, the focus is always on fun, healthy competition. We absolutely want students and teachers to give it their all in pursuit of victory, but competing in the right spirit is essential.

"In effect, we want every athlete to embrace and embody the values of the WSG Series slogan:  ‘Today's Champions. Tomorrow's Leaders.’”

2019-20 WSG Events Series Summary

Event Date Location Ages
Netball September 2019 Loughborough Uni U17, U19
Football October 2019 Barcelona U13, U15
Basketball December 2019 NYU Abu Dhabi U15, U17, U19
Multi-Sport January 2020 Dubai U11
Multi-Sport February 2020 Dubai U13
Swimming May 2020 London U11, U13, U15
Netball June 2020 Loughborough Uni U13, U15

For more information on the World School Games – and to find out how your school could be competing at one of these events – make sure to click here.