LFIGP Proud After Girls Football Team Push UAE National Side to the Limit

The International French School Georges Pompidou-Dubai (LFIGP) U14 girls football team got to put their ability to the test when they took on the UAE U14 national girls team in a thrilling game at LFIGP Academic City last week.

The game finished 5-3 to the national side, but as PE teacher Valerie Nicolas commented after the match, there was plenty of positives for the school team to take from the performance.

She said: “It was a great match.

“We didn’t win but it was a good beginning for our new, young team – we are very proud of them.

“It was the first time they played together, they listened to all our advice, and gave their all.

“Ambre and Salma scored the LFIGP goals, whilst Madeleine, the young French captain, did a good job gathering all the players, before, during and after the event.”

The match came about through the school’s connections with a former UEFA manager, and they’ve been able to arrange several games with his sides in recent years.

So, when the chance to challenge themselves against a team with the quality of the UAE national squad, Nicolas knew it was a great opportunity to earn experience against top opposition.

She said: “The national squad play together a lot and train every day.

“Our young team only plays a few times a week, but they adapted very well.

“They showed us they want to build a real team and improve for the next competitions.

But despite the competitive nature on the pitch, the game was played in great spirit and LFIGP are keen to do it again – and to continue developing on what they learned from the match:

“Of course, we would be more than happy to plan more matches with the UAE selected team,” Nicolas said. “After the match, we got a photo with the players from both teams together, it was a special moment of sporting unity.

“The French LFIGP team is motivated to continue training, improving and building a stronger team for future events.

“They will participate at the UAE School Cup next year, and we hope they will have a good competition.”