Dubai’s Young Gymnasts Spring to Life at DuGym’s 5th Trampoline Club Competition

Tuesday 12th June saw 48 of the UAE's most promising trampolinists participate in the 5th edition of DuGym's Club Competition at Horizon International School.


The event, which included participants ranging in experience from foundation, to club, national and performance levels, saw several outstanding routines, with each performance being cheered on from the sidelines by a passionate audience.


With summer approaching and the season almost over, Head Coach André Cruz spoke exclusively to Gulf Youth Sport about his thoughts on DuGym's 2017-18 season, and how he felt as his protégé's had performed.


"It's been a great season, and amazing to work with such a positive group of athletes who were willing to step up and push themselves to achieve new skills and combinations and to participate in this event. Every one of them did us and themselves proud, and we hope all who attended have something positive to take home."


A massive well done to everyone involved in the event from Gulf Youth Sport. Stay safe and enjoy your summer, and we'll see you at the 6th Edition of the DuGym Club Competition in 2018-2019!


About DuGym: DuGym provide a full range of quality trampolining training for men and women, boys and girls, in Dubai. Their vision is to provide athletes and club members with a safe, welcoming, challenging and fun environment where they can enjoy trampolining activities – to allow athletes to grow physically and emotionally in a supportive and encouraging team atmosphere. They have an extensive programme for all age groups to offer recreational and competitive sessions in the Olympic sport of trampolining.


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