New Business Hub Set to Shake Up Dubai Sports Industry

There's no denying it – setting up any business here in the glittering sandpit we call home can be a minefield (trust us, we know).

But all that is set to change, thanks to nook, a new sports business hub based in the heart of JLT that is changing the face of the local sports industry.

We bagged ourselves an exclusive interview with nook's Community Manager, Mary-Alison Irvine, to find out exactly what nook is, and why Dubai needs it.


What is nook? 

nook is a new sports, Health and Wellness co-working space out of One JLT. We advise clients on setting up or moving their business to the DMCC free zone with exclusive and subsidised licensing fees for for qualifying businesses. Our facility offers an amazing co-working space which includes offices, meeting rooms, shared workspace, our functional gym and studios as well as dedicated training and event areas and a range of business support services on-site. 


Why is it needed?

It is overwhelming to start a new company anywhere in the world, let alone in Dubai. Our co-founders Ravi Bhusari and Derv Rao started Duplays ten years ago. Along the way, they encountered numerous individuals from the sports, Health and Wellness industry wanting to start their own company but not having the knowledge or cash flow to do so. nook is a place where we can offer subsidised pricing on licenses and discounted rates on rent due to the shared space. Not only that, we are also going to provide a community of people who will potentially work together, give each other business and learn from each others knowledge. Our events and training schedule will also be full of opportunities for our residents to learn about how to grow, manage and ensure success in their business. So really, we are trying to give sports' entrepreneurs a platform and support to starting their own company.


What kind of companies is nook for?

We can accommodate companies who are licensed in DMCC free zone and are mainly targeting 80% of our resident businesses (up to 160 companies!) from the Heath and Wellness sector, but we also have licenses available to those in Arts and Events and a number of associated sectors, all of which can receive the subsidised pricing. The other 20% will be from companies who can compliment or bring value to the nook community, these residents aren't eligible for the subsidised pricing but they can still save by being in the coworking space. 


Is it just for new companies?

nook is for new companies and existing companies who may want to make a move to the DMCC free zone. 


What's the thing that excites you most about nook?

The opportunity to help entrepreneurs succeed. We want to help people set up business, be operating legally, have control over their lives and provide them with a chance to be a part of a community which will support them and also allow them to contribute and give something back to their peers and the industry they love! 


Who is behind the initiative?

The initiative was started by the co-founders of DUPLAYS Sports Services, but many have jumped on board to support their vision and the response from everyone we've met has been overwhelmingly positive! DMCC are a key partner and stakeholder that is really enabling businesses and our target sectors through their collaboration with nook. They are an amazing team mate for us, providing a dedicated resource to handle all company formations under nook as well as providing subsidies on licensing for our residents. We're in discussion with a number of exciting partners and well known brands from a range of industries, but you'll have to wait to hear more about them and how they'll support nook!


What should people do if they want to find out more?

Those interested are welcome to visit us in person at One JLT in the Etisalat Business Hub on the second floor. To contact us remotely head to our website, drop us a line, or give us a call us on 04 447 2394. We look forward to helping you set up your business!