UAE teams shine against international opposition at Super Cup Dubai

The Super Cup Dubai took place last week with teams from many different nations around the world competing against the local talent in the UAE to win the coveted Super Cup Dubai.

The event has grown into an enormous tournament with more participants, nationalities and spectators attending yearly. The tournament saw teams travel to Dubai from all around the world to compete against each other and enjoy the beautiful sights of Dubai. Thousands of spectators and players visited The Sevens Stadium to partake and watch the event.

A quote from the tournament organisers said: “The UAE is seeing an exciting development program with some great people at the helm within the UAE Federation and we are proud to be in talks with the federation on an ongoing basis to assist in any way we can in their development of football within the region."

Academies such as Ronaldo’s academy from Columbia and Robbie Fowler’s academy from Liverpool attended the event, providing the ultimate test for the skilful UAE teams.

Local sides Go Pro Sports U8s, City FC U14s and du LaLiga HPC U16s were amongst the tournament winners. The tournament results across the age groups were as follows:

Under 8's
Go Pro Sports 3-1 CFA – CF Academy Final (Cup) 
Desert Rangers – Dubai 1-0 Future Star Round Robin (Challenge) 
Future Star 1-0 CFA Round Robin (Challenge)

Under 10's
PSG-BFA 0-2 F And R Events CC – Mini Soccer Final (Cup) 
Desert Rangers – Dubai 1-0 F And R Events CC – Simsport Eagles Final (Challenge) 
Arabian Strikers Academy 3-1 Victory – Ronaldinho SA Final (Trophy) 
CFA 1-2 Future Star Final (Sporting)

Under 12's
All Star Football Academy 2-1 CFA – RED Final (Cup) 
AL ETHIHAD SPORTS ACADEMY 0-1 Conscient Football – Conscient Delhi Final (Challenge)
Football Academy Plus 1-4 PSG-BFA Final (Trophy) 
CFA 6-0 Saida Sports Final (Sporting)

Under 14's
City Football Dubai 1-3 Mini Madrid Final (Trophy) 
Rising Star Football Academy 1-4 Dubai Rovers Final (Challenge) 
PSG-BFA 0-2 City Football Dubai Final (Cup)
PSG India 0-2 CFA Final (Sporting)

Under 16's
Kimberley College Academy 0-1 du LaLiga HPC Final (Cup) 
Simsport Eagles 0-1 EFF Abu Dhabi Final (Challenge)
City Football Dubai 2-3 JSSL Singapore Final (Trophy) 
CFA 3-4 Football Academy Plus (South Africa) Final (Sporting)

Princethorpe College 2-0 AL ETHIHAD SPORTS ACADEMY Final (Sporting)
Robbie Fowler Academy 7-5 F And R Events CC – Simsport Eagles Final (Cup) 
BURUJ SPORTS ACADEMY 4-2 Precor Final (Trophy) 
TFA – A 1-2 Cambridge Regional College Final (Challenge)