11 Year-Old Adam Kandil Breaks 8 Egyptian Short Course Swim Records



Overcoming the misconception that age is relevant when it comes to success in sports, 11 year-old Adam Kandil is already a top-ranked swimmer who just recently broke 8 Egyptian Short Course Swim records. 

Take one look at Adam's strapping physique and you will see that the WSO student clearly has all the raw ingredients to make it to the top, but this exceptional young man also has the passion to back up his talent. Training (with Hamilton Aquatics) takes place every every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, in addition to the regular local and international competitions he competes in.

Despite his vigorous training schedule, Adam still prioritizes and dedicates a lot of time to his school work. “When I’m at swimming I forget everything about school so I can concentrate on swimming. When I’m at school I forget everything about swimming,” said Adam during an interview for Sun & Sand Sports magazine.

Other than swimming, Adam is strongly passionate about basketball and has even managed to become the Captain of the Under 11 squad at his school. He also impressively won ‘Best Player Trophy’ for 2017. In addition to this, Adam also finds time to play in the school’s football team.

As Adam has transitioned from the local to international stage, he has unsurprisingly faced increasingly stiffer competition, which he says has helped ignite the fighting spirit in him.  

“The most important life lesson I learned in this sport is that you don’t always have to win. When you’re down, just get your head up and train harder,” said Adam.