American University in Dubai’s Khaled El Masry Scoops 4 Medals at Emirates Swimming Cup

The American University in Dubai’s Khaled El Masry scoops away four medals; two gold and two bronze at the 2017 Emirates Swimming Cup. 

The competition that took place at the Hamdan Sports Complex, was one of many victories for the 20 year-old Egyptian student, Khaled.

“Swimming has always been my priority, it’s a huge part my life. I have been swimming ever since I can remember, but chose to follow a more professional path since moving to Dubai from Egypt in 2016. I have a clear love for all sports such as tennis and football, but then decided that I wanted to compete and go pro in swimming, just like my twin brother who is also a competitive swimmer back home in Egypt.” said Khaled.

With a strong passion for swimming, Khaled has been pursuing the sport for the past 12 years, and holds an AUD Athletics Scholarship at the university. Some of his impressive major achievements in the sport are:  
-4th Place in 200m freestyle in 2016 FINA World Cup, DXB. 
-1st Place in 4k race at the Emirates Cup. 
-Received more than 20 Gold medals in Emirates Cup and UAE TOP Swimming competitions. 
-Received more than 50 medals in Egypt with a total of 76 Medals in which 40 of them are gold. 
-Received medals internationally in Lebanon and Greece with (5 gold and 2 silver) in total. 

As for Khaled’s plans for the near future, he is getting ready to head to Barcelona next month with his university to compete in international swimming competitions.

“My ultimate goal is to qualify for the Egyptian National Team next fall. I want to advance my swimming career and represent my country all around the world. Swimming is my world, and I feel the best when in the water.” said Khaled.

Khaled strives to pass on his passion for the sport to younger swimmers, showing them how dedication, commitment, and regular practice yield glowing results for the person and their team.

We have no doubt that Khaled will be to be a huge inspiration and role model to others, as he continues to climb the competitive swimming success ladder. We wish him luck!