Hang Tough off to a Flyer

Last month we told you about our exciting new UAE schools competition: The Hang Tough Challenge powered by MEFIT PRO.


'Hang Tough' is a battle of brains and brawn, and pits students versus teachers and schools versus schools. Schools nominate two students and two teachers to hang onto a pull-up bar for as long as possible whilst answering as many quick fire general knowledge questions as they can before their grip gives out. For every correct answer, 2 seconds is added to the hang time.


The competition is now well underway and we have been blown away by some of the results!


Horizon International got the competition off to an incredible start! First up to the bar was GCSE student Ben, who achieved an impressive hang time of 2 minutes and 6 seconds plus 9 correct in the Q&A, giving a final score of 2.24! Next up was Mohammed, who put up a great challenge by achieving a hang time of 1 minute, 50 seconds. The bright spark clocked up an amazing 10 correct answers giving him a final score of 1.47.


Having watched their GCSE students set the pace, the teachers had it all to do. Mr Kehoe was up first, and the popular PE teacher bagged a final score of 1.47, after hanging on for 1.39 and answering 4 questions correctly. Mr Tate was up next, and totalled 1.28 – 1.14 on the bar and 7 correct answers. We combined all four scores to give Horizon International School a total team score of 7 minutes 49 seconds! The de-rig was stopped in it's tracks by the school Principal, Mr Davies, eager for a shot himself before the day was out. Chalked up to the nines, the main man clocked up a very respectable 48 seconds on the bar!



The next day we visited Horizon English School in Al Safa, and if there was any doubt whether the primary students could hold their own in this competition, it was settled almost immediately. The incredible winner on the day was year 5 student Aalya, who achieved a terrific hang time of 2 minutes 20 seconds and managed 14 correct answers in the Q&A, giving a phenomenal total score of 2.48! Aalya’s classmate, Anton, was next up, and after a sticky start, managed to regain composure and flipped his grip to stay on the bar for a cool 1 minute 29 seconds and answer 7 questions correctly, giving him a score of 1.43. Teachers Miss Syreeta and Miss Adrienne managed total scores of 0.49 and 1.51 respectively, giving Horizon English School a school total score of 6 minutes 31 seconds. Video highlights of both school's attempts will be released in the days ahead.



With over 30 schools registered for the competition between now and the Christmas holidays, the GYS Hang Tough Challenge is sure to heat up fast. Make sure you follow our Instagram @gulfyouthsport and Twitter @GulfYouthSport to ensure you don’t miss a beat! To register your school for the GYS Hang Tough Challenge powered by MEFIT PRO email info@gulfyouthsport.com.