Dubai’s Unbeatable Triathlete

It's not often we come across a young athlete with 100% podium finishes on every competition she has ever competed in. But when we do, we make sure to share her incredible story. 


12-year old Juliette Janne d’Othee, a Belgian national living in the UAE, is a dedicated, passionate and talented athlete. 


“I believe she was made for this sport. When I see her competing, she has an amazing smile on her face,” said Alexia Janne, Juliette’s mother.


Juliette developed an appetite for endurance events at a young age, and picked up triathlon whilst living in Switzerland at the tender age of seven. Having cut her teeth in the sport amongst Europe's top junior athletes, Juliette's family moved to Dubai in 2014, enabling Juliette to take her training, and her performances, to the next level.


The Winning Formula

Incredibly, every competition Juliette has ever competed in has resulted in a podium finish. Notable finishes include:

  • 2016 – Roy Nasr Super Sprint (1st female overall)
  • 2016 – Dubai International Triathlon Super Sprint (1st female overall)
  • 2016 – ITU Junior Super Sprint Fast (1st female overall)
  • 2017 – Tri YAS Junior Super Sprint, JLL Series Super Sprint, 2XU Series Super Sprint (1st place in 6/7 competitions)
  • 2017 – Duathlon Series Teen Half Distance competition (1st female overall)


Triathlons ?and Duathlon’s are not the only competitions Juliette has been dominating. She also competed in four running races; Dubai autodrome (2.5km), Asic Run Series (3km), Dubai Desert Road run, ABCD Zayed Sports City 5km, all of which she received a 1st place position for the female categories. 


Despite her success, Juliette remains grounded, and doesn't yet consider herself to be the finished article. “I like doing triathlons because you don’t have to be good at all the disciplines that is the cycling, swimming and running. You can just be good at two of the them and still stand a chance of winning."


An Eye-Watering Training Regimen
Despite the gruelling nature of the sport, Juliette has displayed focus, endurance, and a willingness to suffer that is far beyond her years. After a 4.30am alarm, training begins at 5:30am with a swim or running session, followed by another session in the evening with coach, Ben Parnell, co-creator of MTC (My Triathlon Club), himself an accomplished triathlete. Just to make sure she has absolutely nothing left in the tank at the end of the week, Juliette also trains multiple times per week with the Abras Running Club.


Olympic Dreams

As for Juliette’s goals for the future, she aims to compete at a European Junior level when she turns 15, and then at a worldwide level when the time is right. Her biggest goal however, is to participate in the Olympics. Meanwhile, she will continue to train, work hard, and enjoy the ride.


With her insatiable drive, appetite and attitude, we have no doubt that this inspirational young athlete will achieve it all.