Top Tip Tuesday


How to make sure you're sippin' on enough water throughout the day




Drinking enough water- arguably the most essential component of our diets, is something a lot of us fail to do on a daily basis. The recommended amount of water a person should be drinking per day is 8 glasses for women, and 12 for men. However, considering we live in such a hot climate where there are days when the humidity goes up to 70%, our amount of water intake should be much higher, aiming at around 3 liters per day (2 large Masafi bottles). However, busy and hectic schedules can sometimes make us forget to drink enough water. Or, some of us simply don’t find drinking cups and cups of water very is quite boring and tasteless after all. Here are some super simple tips to get yourself to sip on more water throughout the day: 


  1. Make your water tasty: infuse your ice cold water bottle with (washed) slices of lemon, orange, and/or berries. This way, your water will taste nice and fruity making it a more enjoyable and refreshing drink. 
  2. Infuse an ice cold sparkling water with lemon slices and mint leaves. It will taste like a lemon Sprite, minus all the sugar!
  3. Set a reminder on your phone for every two hours to remind yourself to drink water.
  4. With every meal or snack you eat, pair it with water.
  5. Buy a 1-liter water bottle, and aim to finish at least 3 of those per day.