Elite Football Academy OPEN DAY



Join our friends at the Elite Football Academy for a fun activity-packed OPEN DAY on Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th of September at Horizon International School for FREE trials!


Not only will you have the chance to enroll in a free coaching session and tournament, but the Elite Sports Academy will be giving out prizes for star players on both days!


You will get to meet the lovely Elite team, as well as have an opportunity for an early signup for the new term.


The setup and structure will consist of:

-Coaching; where all players will be placed within the correct age category and learn how it feels to be an ‘elite’ player.

-Tournaments; where players will get to learn how to play in competitive matches.


Bring your friends and family along to test your football skills against them through fun matches!


The schedule for both days:

Wednesday (Coaching Sessions- skills, drills and matches) age 4-8 (4pm-5pm), age 9-16 (5pm-6pm)

Thursday (Tournament- Matches) age 4-8 (4pm-5pm), age 9-16 (5pm-6pm)


The Elite Team are looking forward to seeing and meeting new friendly faces!


Email info@elitesports.ae, or call 04 554 5916 for more information.