Teeing Off At Two

Fun Fact Friday- Teeing Off At Two

(Image taken from www.news.nike.com)

Believe it or not, Eldrick (Tiger) Woods, one of the most successful professional golfers of all-time, started golfing at the young age of two. The African-American golfer is said to have first shown interest in the sport from the age of 6 months. He would closely observe his father swing golf balls around and then try to imitate him. By the time Woods was two years-old, his impressive talent earned him a spotlight in the media where he appeared on the Mike Douglas television show and practiced his swing live in front of thousands of people. By the age of 5, he became well known in the golf world and was featured on the cover of Golf Digest magazine, and even made an appearance on an American TV show called “That’s Incredible” with Fran Tarkenton. Flash-forward to when he was a teen, Trans World Sports, a sports television program featured 14 year-old Woods. Woods continued to focus on building his domination in the golf world, and at the age of 16, Woods played in his first professional golf tournament at the Nissan Los Angeles Open, whilst focusing on his school work. And that, was just the beginning of Woods’ impressive golf career. Reminiscing on Woods’ childhood, when he was 9 years old, he told his father “I am going to be professionally excellent”, and that is exactly what he did.


Below you can find videos on some of these life-changing moments for Woods:



1. Tiger Woods’ appearance on the Mike Douglas show, a popular American daytime television talk show, at the age of 2. Click here to watch the video.




2. Tiger Woods’ appearance on “That’s Incredible” (an American reality show) with Fran Tarkenton, at the age of 5. Click here to watch the video.





3. Tiger Woods’ feature on Trans World Sport’s program, a sports-related television programme produced by IMG Media in London and shown worldwide on a variety of television channels, at the age of 14. Click here to watch the video.