DANCE: Sharmila Dance Extravaganza 2017

For over a decade, the Sharmila Dance School has been the go-to dance academy for the city's most ambitious and talented dancers.

This weekend (April 21 & 22), Sharmila's protégés will showcase their talents at her annual Extravaganza in front of a packed-out DUCTAC theatre. 

As well as seasoned professionals, the cast will include a host of talented young dancers, many of whom have gone on to join the world's premiere dance schools in London and New York.

We caught up with Sharmila ahead of the show to find out more about the upcoming Extravaganza, her dance school, and where her inspiration comes from.

Just a few days left until the show Sharmila, how are preparations going?
"The preparations have stepped up to another level the past few days as we finally moved into the theatre after many months in the studio. The dancers are pushed to their limits and are doing a fabulous job in representing themselves and Sharmila Dance."

What can the crowd expect from this years show?

"This show is a dance enthusiasts dream in my opinion. There is something for everyone. Insane amount of energy and emotions on stage. The show has almost all the dance genres present from Hip Hop, Classical ballet, Latin, Bollywood, Funk, Camp, Jazz, Acrobatics and Bboying on display." 

What ages do your classes cater for?

"The beginners level is for 7+, elementery level is from 12+ years, and the intermediate level is for advanced teens and adults."

You now have a staggering 700+ students in the dance school – what do you attribute your success to?

First of all, dance is my life's passion, and I think that comes across during my classes. Also, we believe in an open class system, like many international known institutes suchas Pineapple Dance Studio and Broadway Dance Center. This helps the students attend class because they are motivated to learn dance, not because they have signed up for a term and they are obliged to attend.

Where do you get your inspiration for the dances from?

"I get my inspiration and ideas from constantly studying and watching the great choreographers in the world. My ideas come at odd times. Something simple can make me think of how it can be incorporated into movement. I also have a trusted team of company dancers that throw suggestions at me which I tweak and work into videos."

What do you love most about the show?

"I love how 200 people come together on stage purely for their passion for dance! Dance has a magical way of making you feel good. I love how the hard work over the past year is put on stage where things become transparent and one can learn from it and improve on the following year. There is constant growth in dance, at no time should we feel we have reached the top. There is no top…there is always room for improvement."

For more information and to buy tickets for Sharmila Dance Extravaganza 2017, check out Sharmila's website.