FOOTBALL: Abu Dhabi’s Rising Stars Revealed

With a growing number of talented players spotted in Abu Dhabi at duFC this season, Michel Salgado and his team have decided to expand the number of youngsters selected for the du LaLiga High Performance Programme to 52, with 32 U16's and 20 U14's.

The duFC international youth scouting platform in partnership with LaLiga, is creating an ongoing pipeline of pro-football players for both national and international clubs and teams who are being groomed for pro careers at the du LaLiga High Performance Center in the UAE.

Commenting on the level of skills observed in Abu Dhabi, Real Madrid legend Michel Salgado said, “Al Ain, Western Region and Abu Dhabi players were motivated, focused and gave it their all, playing a superb level of football recognizing that this is a unique platform where they have the chance to get discovered. 

"We are very impressed with the talents we have seen here and we have a difficult task ahead of us to make the final selection from this season’s duFC.”

Those selected will be invited to a final intensive training clinic in Dubai in March before the unveiling of the final squads in the U16 & U14 categories who will be invited to join the du LaLiga High Performance Centre in April. 

Players in the U16 category will travel to Spain in August for a one-week training clinic and competitive matches with Spain's strongest youth clubs.  

Abu Dhabi Selection:

Boys U16

Defenders: Connor Cowan, Ethan Jacob Collings, Mohamad Adel, Raed Alalaneh, Sergio Otero, Thomas Craig

Midfielders: Abdulrahman Salah, Ahmed Khaleel, Biar Maluth, Joshua Reuben Hendricks, Mohamed Rabia, Mohammed Amjad, Mohammed Haytham, Mohammed Rami Basem Chakra, Salem Mohammad, Sebastian Allsop

Strikers: Abdulla Alhashemi, Ameen Yaid, Anas Ben Khial, Carl Masrajian, Dillon Mensah, Eisa Al Qubaisi, Faisal Hamad, Hamad Hilal, Mohammed Eyad, Mohammed Nadeem, Mohammed Sameer, Mouad Muhammad, Moustafa Mohamed, Omar Taha, Saeed Almaqtri, Timi Esan

Boys U14

Goalkeepers: Karim Moamen, Zayed Abdulla

Defenders: Omar Azlan, Amr Bssem

Midfielders: Abdelrahman Taher, Anis Mahdi, Christian Perry, Khaled Amarah, Mohamed Sabri, Sarya Nouh, Waleed Bassam

Strikers: Ahmad Nashat, Akram Kabbani, Ashraf Zaheyr, Khaled El Mans, Mahmood Taimoom, Obaid Mohammed, Said Omar, Yannis Petras, Zaid Hiawaisarkh

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