The GYS Media Academy is now open for business! It is entirely free and custom made for UAE school students. It is completely flexible and open to any number of students to be completed at their own pace.

The course currently has four modules available:
– Interview skills
– Match reporting
– Newsgathering
– Social media

Four more modules will be added on Thursday 27th January:
– Photography
– Videography
– Commentary
– Mobile journalism

The main course is fully automated, however gives students an option to do an extra credit task at the end of each module. If a student does take on one of these tasks, we ask that you are the recipient and you give them some feedback for each submission.

When a student completes all eight units (with or without extra credit tasks) they will receive a GYS certificate. If they wish to wrap up the course without completing all units, please email and we’ll arrange for a bespoke certificate referring to the units they have completed.

Click here to visit the academy or go to