Repton Rise to the 30×30 Challenge

Anyone who has a phone, radio or television will know that the 30×30 Dubai Fitness Challenge has taken the entire city by storm.

Nowhere has the initiative been embraced more than at Repton Dubai, where the campaign was officially kicked off with a gigantic circuits class featuring over 1200 students!! 

During the school's 8am launch party, every student in the entire school star-jump'd, spotty dogg'd and burpee'd their way to their 30-minute target, all before a school-book had been opened.

The launch party signified the start of a feast of sport at the prestigious school, where additional sports/fitness classes will be offered not only to Repton students, but to the parents and staff as well.

We caught up with event organiser, Mr Brooks, as well as Sam (Head Boy) and Charlie (Year 6) to find out more about the event, and to get their thoughts on the initiative as a whole.