See the First Hang Tough Challenge in Action!

Horizon International got the competition off to an incredible start!


First up to the bar was GCSE student Ben, who achieved an impressive hang time of 2 minutes and 6 seconds plus 9 correct in the Q&A, giving a final score of 2.24! Next up was Mohammed, who put up a great challenge by achieving a hang time of 1 minute, 50 seconds. The bright spark clocked up an amazing 10 correct answers giving him a final score of 1.47.


Having watched their GCSE students set the pace, the teachers had it all to do. Mr Kehoe was up first, and the popular PE teacher bagged a final score of 1.47, after hanging on for 1.39 and answering 4 questions correctly. Mr Tate was up next, and totalled 1.28 – 1.14 on the bar and 7 correct answers. We combined all four scores to give Horizon International School a total team score of 7 minutes 49 seconds! The de-rig was stopped in it's tracks by the school Principal, Mr Davies, eager for a shot himself before the day was out. Chalked up to the nines, the main man clocked up a very respectable 48 seconds on the bar!