Schoolboy Smashes 24-hour Rowing World Record

South African teenager, Stephane Pienaar, a Grade 10 student at Bishops Diocesan College in South Africa, has defied his years by smashing a gruelling world-record in an incredible feat of human endurance.

Family, friends, and teachers looked on as the 16-year old put his mind and body through the ringer, rowing almost continuously for 24-hours straight, in pursuit of the pre-existing record, which sat at 265.494km. 

Despite enduring excruciating back-pain and crippling fatigue, Stephane prevailed to set a new, stunning, record of 267.500km.

Even more impressive? The young man did it all for a great cause. His 'MAD2Row' journey was in support of Make A Difference Leadership Foundation, which supports young leaders from less-fortunate backgrounds bby providing access to world-class education, leadership development opportunities, mentorship and support from high school to a tertiary level.

To find out more about both the cause and his achievement, click here.