FOOTBALL: Go Pro Skipper Signs Up for the States

Go Pro Sports’ Women’s football team captain is heading to the United States next season to start life as a scholarship athlete.

Natasha Toms, who is originally from the United Kingdom, impressed US coaches at a series of showcase events culminating in offers from more than 15 higher education colleges.

After a recent visit to some of her prospective choices, Toms has set her heart on life at Delta State University in Mississippi, Cleveland where she will train as a full-time soccer scholar.

Natasha has been at the academy for four years, progressing into Go Pro’s Women's league team from the youth academy. She is now captain of the Women's team as well as being Club Captain of the Girls Academy.

Natasha says she was close to giving up football to focus on her school-work, but is pleased she didn’t go through with the decision.

“I was thinking about concentrating on school and just playing football for school. I was persuaded to keep playing for Go Pro – they had a new women’s coach and I met with her at the beginning of last year. Kirk was keen that I kept playing.

“That was the right decision because I’m going to go to university now to play football.”

Toms believes her time in the Women’s League has readied her for the move to college soccer in America, citing the physical aspect of the adult league as key in her personal development in the game.

“Go Pro has helped me to prepare for playing university standard football, especially through the fitness testing that we keep doing. I’ve been playing in the Women’s League since I was 14 – coming against older women has a huge physical impact and I’ve learned how to play the game a bit differently from a younger age and that’s going to help when I’m playing against older girls next year.”

Natasha starts her college soccer career in September, and everyone at Gulf Youth Sport wishes her the very best of luck on the next step in her football and academic career.

With thanks to Go Pro Sports for providing the video footage and for giving GYS usage permissions.