Professional Media Services for Schools & Sports Academies

Want to bring your sports event to life?
Want to show the world what your school/academy is all about?
Want your facility to be the talk of the city?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, you need to speak to our professional team of photographers, videographers and social media gurus.

Which services do we offer?

  • Event, Product & Facility Photography
  • Event Highlights Videos
  • Promo Videos
  • Social Content Creation

The Power of Social Media Marketing
Social-media is not only cheap to implement, infinitely scalable and easily quantifiable but it is now the single most immediate promotional tool available.

An idea you have tonight can be broadcast to the world – not in the morning, but before you’ve gone to bed. Unsurprisingly, for most marketing teams social-media has become the focus of their efforts.

And now, with streamlined digital production bringing the cost of film-making down, the moving image has found its way to the very heart of social media – together becoming not only the fastest, most flexible, most dominant marketing tool but the most impactful.

Billions of views are racked-up each day across social media platforms – YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – with the number growing exponentially. And whilst articles and advertorial remain a useful part of a wider marketing strategy, key social media platforms have now moved to video, so copy-only content is quickly becoming obsolete.

The GYS Media Team has streamlined the video production process to offer a responsive service perfect for the key social media platforms. Whether you're launching a new sports academy, promoting a seasonal offer, or showcasing your school sports day to the world, we can handle all aspects of video production, from script to screen.

To find out more information, email and we'll set up a no obligation call to dicuss your media requirements.






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